How it all started...

We LOVE vintage Louis Vuitton purses - and so we found a solution to salvage them! 

Hi there. I love vintage bags and here is how it all started... and how "OuieLouie" was created. To every problem there is a solution.  There are ups and downs in life.  But, the fun part can be in figuring out a way to and to solve any problem.  There are no problems, only solutions. So, If a new $2000.00 luxury bag is not feasible in one's budget for now, then the next best thing is to buy a pre-loved item. Vintage LVs are the next best thing if you get a good one.

Just like buying into the lottery, I took several chances buying online vintage Louis Vuitton purses -  knowing that what I get may not be what I expected and that I may lose based on the lower price point that I paid for it. I remember opening my first package with much anticipation, only to be hugely disappointed.  When I saw the bag that I purchased, I thought, "How can they even sell that to me as the lining is all sticky and gross and it's not usable!!" I was extremely upset. So, after much disappointment of more purchases like that, I was determined to fix and sell the 20+ Louis Vuitton purses that I had stacked in my closet.

I researched the online social media how-to videos and none of them worked for the sticky lining inside the LV bucket purses I had stored away. When I tried these how-to methods, more of a mess was made than the original sticky mess already was.  Or, to my disappointment, these DIY remedies did not work at all. 

Determination is my middle name and so I created the actual solution that I personally use to remove that sticky lining from vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket purses.  And this is how it all started.  To my satisfaction, I fixed my closet full of LV Bucket purses and sold them for a pretty penny enabling me to then buy even more LV's to personally enjoy and more to salvage. It also gave me the funds to bottle 100's of Ouie Louie products, build websites, market and ship them out to my raving fans. These products worked so well that, in fact, that a business was magically created.

The products featured on this site work like magic guaranteed! Featured are the exclusive 'Ouie Louie' products as well as other tried and tested favorites specifically to use for Louis Vuitton vintage purses and related items (see our featured page "DIY How To's" for tips).

Purpose and Vision

Ouie Louie's mission is to help anyone who wants to feel luxurious to do so  by owning and enjoying their own LV purse.  Let's save the planet together and continue to love our vintage LV's  by fixing them up and enjoying them.

Our other aim is to inspire creativity and adventure to anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur.  You too can renew these beauties, create your own economy by doing something that you love, preserve a bit of history and help others to feel luxurious!

So...Love your LV's, dance and sing!

                                                                                           - the lady who started it all...

Out with the "ick"...


In with the beauty.