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Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag: How to fix the inside sticky lining of a pre-loved vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

If a brand new luxury bag is not feasible in one's budget for now, then the next best thing is to enjoy a pre-loved item. Vintage Louis Vuitton bags are classy, lovely and remain highly fashionable.

We here at Ouie Louie products are especially fond of the classic Bucket Bag style purse. The downside, however, of purchasing these beauties at an affordable price point is that the inside lining of many of them are STICKY and PEELING to the point that the purse is not usable. The outside of the bag may be lovely, but the inside is a mess.

How does that messy lining happen in the first place? Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket purses were originally made with an inner lining of soft material with a coat of a vinyl type product overlay. The lining will be a beige leather look. Typically, bags that come from hot and humid climates are doomed to a chemical reaction that messes with the coating... literally melting and it becomes sticky!! The eventual doom is an unusable mess inside.

What to do? If you are stuck with the sticky dilemma of that unusable purse there are some options:

1.) If price is not an option, take the purse to a Louis Vuitton store and they will ship it out to get a brand new lining put in your bag.

2.) Good news!!  You can easily remove the coating within minutes with the "Ouie Louie Sticky Mess Remover" product created specifically for vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bags only. It will quickly and safety remove that sticky coating from your bag leaving it clean and usable inside. This is a great remedy because the original lining will still be with the purse, the material is soft and cozy like a soft velvety feel and you can still claim your bag to be all 'original' as all the leather and hardware of the pockets will still be intact on the original material.

To solve your dilemma, "Ouie Louie Sticky Mess Remover" product is a wonderful solution to this problem.

**Please beware of imposter products** DO NOT USE nail polish remover, goo gone, baby powder or other 'tips' you may read about on the internet. You do not want to breathe nail polish remover, and such! And you don't want to ruin your purse.

Approved Ouie Louie products can be found on this site and ebay only. Please view our videos on how to use the product. And see our raving fan reviews!

Cheers... we know you will love your Louis Bucket Bag once more!

Our Purpose and Vision
Ouie Louie's mission is to help anyone who wants to feel luxurious to do so by owning and enjoying their own LV Bucket purse. Let's save the planet together and continue to love our vintage LV's by fixing them up and enjoying them.

Our other aim is to inspire creativity and adventure to anyone interested in becoming a resale entrepreneur. You too can renew these beauties, create your own economy by doing something that you love, preserve a bit of history and help others to feel luxurious!

So...Love your LV's, dance and sing!