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What's the deal with

vintage Louis Vuitton's?

Ouie Louie's mission is to bring life back to vintage Louis Vuitton purses by providing amazing products for your DIY restoration projects. Did you know that you can refurbished these vintage beauties easily and quickly yourself? Here's the deal. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to look amazing and to feel luxurious.  Luxury vintage items should last forever.  We don't want them to go away. And you can have a big part in saving our planet and history.  There are simple things that you can do to lovingly fix, refurbish and bring breathe to a tired ol' lovely item. Take a closer look at our site to learn how you can make your vintage Louis Vuitton purse dance and sing again. Help us save the earth (and look amazing while doing so!) with Ouie Louie.


People tend to 'LOVE' us

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"Great product!  Works just as described. Love my LV bag now!"

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"Amazing!  I have already refurbished 5 Louis Vuitton purses using these products.  They work SUPER! Thank you for the opportunity to refurbish these beauties!"

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"I  buy and sell used Louis Vuitton Bucket Bags, and this product [Ouie Louie Sticky Mess Clean Up Removal System Kit} and this product does what they say it does. 5 stars! I am very grateful.  Thank you!"

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"Product worked. Yey! It was worth putting a little effort to clean it out.  Purse looks great.  And I saved $100 or more by doing it myself.  I am SUPER HAPPY!!! Thanks!"
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